Campus Update

Many of you have been curious about the status of the new Acton Academy campus. Here’s what we are able tell you.

The site is approximately four acres of land, just east of I35 and the University of Texas baseball stadium (just send an email if you want a more exact location.) We’ll be starting out with approximately 12,000 square feet of buildings, spread between elementary, middle and high school buildings and a small amount of retail/administration space.

The initial buildings will be able to hold approximately 36 students per building, or 108 students total, but we’ll have room to build up to four “copies” of this arrangement, with an absolute maximum of 432 students. While we don’t expect to build more than two sets of classrooms, it’s always nice to have additional land to grow.

Attached are site plans for the first two phases, with each of the buildings being two stories tall (the first building has retail space below and the high school above; the second building has the elementary school on the first floor and the middle school above.) The way the site plan is arranged, if we build more than one classroom for any school, the separate buildings will be connected by a second story deck, so students can move easily between classrooms (in other words, all of the elementary school buildings would be connected to each other.)

As to timing, the new campus will be open by late spring or early summer of next year, 2013. Our Plat and Site Plan have been approved for “Completeness” by the City of Austin. The next phase will be addressing comments/questions from the City on the Plat and Site Plan. Comments from the city are expected around April 23rd .

We are in the early process of bidding with two very qualified contractors, and expect to have a contractor selected with two weeks. Construction should start in early fall.

Site Plan Phase 1        Site Plan Phase 2