10 Acton Practices that Changed My Family’s Life – #7

# 7. Intentionality.

Children at Acton practice intentionality in their learning and living. Simply put, this means they learn to use tools to manage their time and decision-making, proactively creating the journey they desire. They are not passive recipients of a script for their lives but engaged authors writing their own life stories.

It soon became obvious we wanted this kind of purposeful living in our family life.

Using the Acton practices and mindset, we began setting aside one dinner a month to set goals as a family, talk about each other’s dreams and eliminate things in our schedule that were making us feel overly busy or stressed.

Even now, the practice of intentionality as a family endures. I agree with an Acton parent who told me years ago, “If Acton were to go away tomorrow, the one thing we’ll always continue doing is our family meetings.”

Families get to write their own stories, too.