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Two Words to Turn Education Upside Down

About a year into the latest step in my corporate career in a specialized niche of aviation insurance, I was sitting in my cubicle in New York City on a dark night thinking, ‘I could wake up 10 years from now and still be sitting here in the dark doing this!’ My heart was not in it.

Yes, I do have an education

Filling our heads with facts and memorizing multiplication tables may not be a productive way of building skills that will lead to a lucrative job or be the basis for starting a profitable business.

Acton Academy: An Invitation to a Hero’s Journey

Laura appreciates that student motivation is, “Complicated and individual, for some it is peer motivation, for some it is earning a badge–we find the real hook for each student.” Acton uses Montessori and Socratic teaching methods to encourage critical thinking and self-mastery.