A Covenant Between 6-10 Year Olds

While it is common and ordinary for us to use the word “contract” at Acton Academy, I never want to forget how exceptional this is. Our children have claimed a space for themselves on this planet to be kind, persevering, responsible, curious heroes who support and care for each other.  They aren’t following someone else’s mandate. They have written their own.

The following words represent hours of discussions, revisions, negotiations, clarifications and decisions by a group of elementary studio Eagles. It is their Contract and Covenant to each other for the year. They voted on it this morning and will sign it ceremoniously together on Monday. You may want to grab some sparkling cider and toast this momentous occasion as a family to celebrate their choice to be on a hero’s journey:

“I am on a hero’s journey.

Even through extremely hard times I will not give up because I have courage.

I will hold myself accountable to our promises and will not distract others or myself.

I will be diligent in my work and help others when needed.

I will take responsibility for my education and seek out help when I truly need it; I will win with honor and lose with grace.

I will keep the studio sacred, be respectful, and treat others how I want to be treated.

I will be honest with myself and others and have the courage to be different.

I will speak with kindness encouragement and truth.

I will try new things I haven’t done yet, maybe even things I won’t be good at, to find new talents and things might bring me joy.

I will never give up on myself.”

I feel the world changing already.