A final reflection of 2014: What is Acton Academy?

The idea we called “Acton Academy” has taken a life of its own. And this has nothing to do with me or with Jeff.

It is because of the courage, curiosity and passion of each parent, child and guide who has been a part our community at some point since we began in 2009. I remember each face, each gift, each voice.

Yes, Acton is a school that will equip young people to be successful leaders in the world.

But it is so much more.

Acton is a feeling, a belief, a way to live.

Being a part of Acton means saying, “yes!” to a rich life that includes accountability, kindness, and true work.

It means saying, “yes!” to the belief that each human is an infinite mystery, perfectly gifted to do something meaningful in this world.

It means saying, “yes!” to owning one’s education and waking up each day with new questions to pursue.

Acton is less of a disruptive school and more of an awakening of minds.

It is a quiet, new way to do the “school thing” within a small, tight community of lifelong learners.

As I head into my holiday hibernation, I could not be more grateful for each person who has crossed our threshold since Day 1.  I continue to be awestruck by the people I get to share my daily life around at Acton. Even if it’s simply the connection of that morning wave or handshake at the curbside.

“Once an Acton Eagle, always an Acton Eagle.”

We have tasted together the joy and fun of deciding to take charge of our own learning. We have shared part of this journey called life. We are fellow travelers.

Godspeed to all. See you next year.