A Letter to the Eagles on the Last Day of School

I gave this letter to the Eagles and Guides this morning and then realized it is meant for the Acton parents, too. You are my heroes. Happy last day of school….for now.

Dear Eagles, Guides and Parents,

As we end this year together I wanted to tell you one truth I have learned as I’ve watched you over these days, weeks and months.

It is this: Each of you is a hero and you will find a calling and change the world.

I am sure of it because I have seen the light come on in your eyes when you have struggled through something, stuck with it and come out the other side realizing your inner strength.

I am sure of it because I have watched you get back in the game instead of quitting when things got hard.

I am sure of it because I have seen you choose kindness over the weaker choice of meanness or gossip.

Mostly I have seen it when I’ve watched you face your difficulties and walk into them, ready to battle the monsters of resistance and distraction and victimhood.

You have faced the hard battles of the hero’s journey and now get to return home, to a place of comfort ready to share your treasure and await the next call to adventure.

Being a hero is a choice. It’s a choice we make every single day.

I’ve seen you choose to be heroes.

You will be the ones in the world who solve problems rather than complain that there are problems. You will be the ones who rise up and take responsibility rather than find excuses.

The world needs you desperately and it is already better because of you. Each of you.

Thank you for being you. I wish you for a wonderful summer of play, rest and deepening curiosity.

With lots of love,