Are you “itching for wings?”

As summer meanders to its inevitable end, I sense more mystery than clarity to our planning, our research, our checklists in school preparation. I feel a yearning for what we cannot measure but must ultimately find. Stanley Kunitz helps me with his words from his poem, “The Mound Builders.”

“What’s best in me lives underground.                                                                                     Rooting and digging, and itching for wings.”

At Acton Academy we will dig deep – beyond what any standardized curriculum could allow. We will honor questions and deny shortcuts to mastery and understanding. We will acknowledge the “itching” that is real and means that the journey must continue. We will get out of the way so that each child finds the greatness that lies deep within. And we will celebrate moments when wings are outstretched.

I am grateful to be surrounded by guides and parents who, too, seek this personal excavation and a renewal of opportunities to fly. See you soon.