Be Armed with Great Questions Next Week

Winter break is coming to a close. Are you ready?

The upcoming session of learning is a fast-paced 5 weeks chock-full with SMART goals in math, reading and writing; an intensive project integrating science, writing and math; Socratic discussions around big questions in Civilization; Town meetings to resolve community issues; PE; Process Drama and the usual wide open playtime and relationship building.

We parents can connect with our beautiful Eagles at the end of the day by asking questions that show them we are hip with the Acton lingo. Instead of “How was your day?” and “What new things did you learn?” ask them:

  • Did you find yourself in your Challenge Zone or Panic Zone today? Tell me more…
  • Are your goals this week short term or long term? Are they balanced or focused? In what area?
  • Are you more motivated to do math or reading this week? Why?
  • Are you reading a great book? Is it challenging? Is it in your zone of proximal development?
  • Do you feel stuck at a roadblock in your work? If so, have you asked a peer for support? Have you found a helpful video?
  • Are you more motivated by the contract you’ve signed or by Eagle Bucks?

If you are like me, I already feel the year slipping away. Before you know it, it will be Spring Break (first two weeks of April.) I vow to savor this time and ask better questions each day so I can slow down and learn from my children. The string around my finger is to remind myself to listen deeply without giving answers or suggestions. Just more questions. More questions.