Feeling full?

I created this particular blogging space as a resource for parents in the Acton Academy community seeking a deeper understanding of what their children were experiencing at school. What is the “Acton method” and how would it look and feel at home?

My earliest posts addressed the surprising truths of the learning experience at Acton. Since then I have shared my ups and downs as a parent seeking to use a more Socratic and less “helicopter-style” of being with my children.

In the spirit of finding a balance between enough and too much information, I now tip my hat to the two spaces in which the best food for fodder is being served to you daily and weekly:

Our elementary school site: https://sites.google.com/site/actonacademystudents/

Our middle school blog: http://eaglesofacton.wordpress.com/

This space will remain live and I will post things I believe are worthy of your time. I trust you will email or call me whenever you want to spend time together talking about this fascinating journey upon which we have together embarked.