Food and Fabric: Conversation Starters for this Week

A common thread you may hear when listening to someone share his or her hero’s journey story is that the catalyst for a life-changing decision was simply one person who asked a great question; and then listened deeply and engaged thoughtfully. And this is how the art of conversation changes the world. It can unearth treasures lying deep within the heart.

But communicating in an artful, skilled manner requires patience, respect, empathy and lots of practice. I am grateful that our children get to practice this skill each day under the guidance of Kaylie, Anna and Aubrie. I trust this foundation of real life learning will serve them well as neighborhood friends, college students, spouses, organizational leaders, and global citizens.

In the meantime, we want to enjoy conversations that reveal new truths about our children’s hearts and minds. While each Acton family leads such a rich life, we all need help knowing how to dig deeper in our conversations with our children.

I hope these conversation starters lead you into new territory as a family. If nothing else, you’ll have some fun!

  • How can we eat healthier as a family? Are we in charge of our health or is our doctor in charge of our health?
  • Is it important for us to know where the fabric in our clothes comes from? Whether it’s homemade or made in a factory? Whether it’s made in America or abroad?
  • Ask your child to help you write a S.M.A.R.T. goal for yourself. What do you want to achieve this summer? Ask your child to be your running partner to check in with you now and then to ask how you are doing. Put them in charge of holding you accountable to yourself.
  • Would you rather use your skills and talents to help people here in Austin or would you choose to help others in a foreign country? What skill do you have that you could use to help others?
  • Ask your child to give you advice on how to be better in a Socratic discussion. Let them be your guide.

I wish you rich and rewarding conversations this week. See you on Monday at 5:45pm.