Godspeed, Parents!

My journey here is ending. 

Here on this blog, I had one simple mission:  to help parents maneuver through the Acton Academy adventure of living and learning.

At first it was just me and nine other parents. Today, there are thousands of parents around the world embracing a learner-driven experience on behalf of their children. 

This quiet growth of our community has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with the truth that parents yearn for their children to find their true potential, claim responsibility for their lives and love (and be loved) well.  Acton Academy is a means to that end in a messy, wonderful, non-linear way and sometimes baffling way.

Now there are so many of you who can be the best message-bearers for other parents. By sharing your stories in your tightly knit communities, you will be the ones building each other up when the journey gets hard. You know more than anyone that children can be trusted with big responsibilities and true freedom. But we need each other when the road gets hard and we get tired with the parental load. You are now the torch bearers within your learner-driven communities. 

So, I’m heading back to the children. 

I’ve accepted the role of lead guide for our elementary school. This is a returning to my roots and I can’t wait to learn from the youngest Eagles what it means to be brave and curious. 

I will be quiet on this website and have closed down all my social media accounts except for my personal daily journal which is Instagram (and is just for fun). 

I’m keeping this blog site alive so people can find stories on topics such as the Hero’s Journey, the Socratic Method, family plans, conflict resolution and growth mindset. Just come explore whenever you need to. Dig in – there is a lot.

Thank you for following along, walking beside me and leading. 

If you need me, I’ll be in the studio. But I won’t answer any questions because I am officially a Socratic Guide.

Godspeed, parents!