Lesson One: Getting to the Magic of Parenting in Two Words

As promised, I want to share some of the best lessons I’ve learned about learning, families, parenting and human growth over the past 10 years.

The first lesson sets us up with a way of thinking and living that is transformative for family living. And it’s just two words.

Be curious.

I’m not talking about the simplistic kind of curiosity that asks one question and moves on. I’m talking incessant, imaginative, soul-fed curiosity that gets you out of your guarded, protective adult self and brings back your child-like wonder in terms of the world, the people around you, your own mind, your children’s thoughts, the birds lined up perfectly on the wire, the beat of your heart, the scent of chocolate.

One simple way to begin getting more curious as a parent is in daily conversations with your child. When they say something, dig deeper into their words with at least three follow up questions – even just “why?” three times. You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn.

Being a curious parent sets you free from your rigid agendas and plans; and moves you to a state of flexibility, wonder, and growth. This makes you the greatest role model for your child in terms of their own learning and living proof of the old saying that “curiosity is the cure for boredom.” Plus, it makes you really fun to live with.

It’s easy to get dragged down into the nitty-gritty of surviving as parents. I was doing that just this morning.

But we have it inside ourselves to think and live differently just by becoming more open to the wonder and mystery around us.  Even when it’s in a big pile of dirty laundry.

As my mother always said, “God is in the nitty-gritty.”