My Top 3 Hardest Lessons Learned as a Parent

3. Comfort is not the goal of my life.

There is no growth in the comfort zone. While comforting rest is essential element to growth, it is not where I want to land. I want to land at “satisfaction” and ultimately, “fulfillment.”

Our Acton Eagles speak rather eloquently of zones of comfort, challenge and panic. They can assess how much of each is a good thing. I asked Sam how much time he spends in the comfort zone at school. He said about 10% of the time.  Charlie prefers about 20%.   I need to remember this.  I must let them be uncomfortable.

Before I was a parent, this idea was quite natural for me. I have a high tolerance for discomfort, even pain.  I am not afraid of struggling. But as a parent, this was a lesson to be learned.  I am inclined to make my children happy, comfortable even entertained.

It has taken me years to let discomfort happen with my children. Let boredom happen.  Even let hunger happen.

This lesson begat an even more powerful lesson for me as a parent:  Resist the seductive, comfortable currents of modern culture – especially around the system of education.  Question it all.

Acton Academy is a choice that goes against the mainstream culture. What we are doing is not the traditional or comfortable vision of “school” because it is not how we, as parents, did it.

I am grateful to be in the challenge zone with you with just the right amount of comfort and rest built in to keep us growing as individuals together.

You may enjoy reading the short article from Forbes quoting Jeff, my counter cultural husband: