Not Shaken, Not Stirred: My New Mindset as a Parent

I drink up the Acton Academy demonstrations and experiences we deliver to the Eagles for my own learning.

This one, in particular, refreshes my mind. Feel free to do it at home with your children.

During the morning discussion time, the guide presents an empty glass, a pitcher of water, a spoon and a bowl of sand.

  • Pour water into the glass. Note the clarity of the water.
  • Pour in sand.
  • Stir it up vigorously.
  • See how murky it has become. Unsettled. Chaotic.
  • Wait.
  • Let it sit.
  • With stillness, the sand settles.
  • Clarity returns.

The discussion then ensues and the children talk about what it feels like when their minds and emotions are stirred up and things get confusing and cloudy. They now can remember they have a simple tool: stillness. They can breathe deeply and await their inner calmness.

This is my reminder for me as a parent, too. I can stop being reactive. I can remember to be still so when things in my children’s lives get stirred up, confusing and chaotic, I am not shaken.

I can be their cool, clear drink of water.