Not Shaken, Not Stirred: My New Mindset as a Parent

I drink up the Acton Academy demonstrations and experiences we deliver to the Eagles for my own learning.

This one, in particular, refreshes my mind:

  • Glass of water.
  • Pour in sand.
  • Shake up.
  • See how murky it has become. Unsettled. Chaotic.
  • Wait.
  • Let it sit.
  • With stillness, the sand settles.
  • Clarity.

The Socratic discussion then ensues and the children talk about what it feels like when their minds and emotions are stirred up and things get confusing and cloudy. They remember they have a simple tool : stillness. They can breathe deeply. And await their inner calmness.

This is my reminder as a parent: Stop being reactive. When I get stirred up, my life and the dear lives around me get foggy and dark,. Be still.

When things in their lives go wrong, my children need me to be wise and quiet – not upset, stressed, reactive, emotional.

My children need me to let my inner sand settle.

They need me to be their cool, clear drink of water.