Opposite Day at Acton Academy

Actually, it’s Opposite Life at Acton Academy. Our modus operandi would make an education bureaucrat cringe. We are turning the tables on what “normal” school life looks like.

Here is a list of what is typical in our community:

Learning from the children.

Trusting the children.

Guiding the children instead of lecturing to them.

Listening to the children.

Empowering the children to teach each other.

Releasing decision-making power to the children.

Freeing the children to move and grow at their own pace.

Trusting the children. (It is worth saying this one again because it foundational to everything else we do and dream of doing.)

Wonderful Piyush Mehta sent along a speech by a 12 year-old girl. As Charlie, Sam and I listened to it last night, they kept saying, “That’s what we do at Acton!”

I hope you’ll listen and share it because the future of our planet depends on this message: