Our Overarching Question for 2014-15

One of the deepest philosophical questions of the human experience is not reserved for intellectuals.

Two year olds wrestle with the same question: Who or what is my authority? When do I follow? When do I rebel?

After seeking guidance from the Eagles last spring, we pinned down this coming year’s overarching question to this: 

“When does a hero submit to authority?”

Throughout our curriculum – from science and art to civilization; from math and reading to writing – we will come back to this question.

It is a mightily rich topic although not a question of power.

It is ultimately a question of trust and truth. Who is true? What is true? Whom shall I trust? Does it matter to submit to authority?

The Acton parents who choose to dive into this with childlike openness will have some memorable dinner conversations in the coming months. I suspect we will become personally transformed right alongside our children.

I welcome you to begin digging in now.

This will be fun.