Parent question: Why PCs and not Macs for Acton Academy?

There is one reason we began our school with PCs: Cost.

With four years passing, the price gap has continued to narrow. We will revisit our purchase options as time goes on and will continue to weigh the cost/benefits of Macs versus PCs or a combination.

All in all, our PC’s serve our students’ needs and help us in our commitment to maintain an affordable tuition without additional fundraising from our families. We have one Mac Powerbook for project use in the classroom; and for creative purposes, we plan to add Mac desktops in the upper level classrooms in the future.

The recent problems we had during testing and with the ALEKS site recently were not related to hardware but were issues with the campus wireless service and the Chrome updating process, respectively.

Students are welcome to bring in their own laptops from home if the family prefers he or she work on a Mac or another model of PC.