Seeing Acton Academy with Fresh Eyes

One of Maria Montessori’s principles we apply at Acton Academy is to see each child with “fresh eyes” every day. With this mindset, we are free from judgments that are tainted by what may have happened yesterday. It’s a new day. Re-creation happens. Hope and opportunity abound.  We get to say to each other, “Let’s not worry about yesterday. Who do you want to be today?” 

While we have applied this mental discipline in relation to each Eagle, I have failed to apply it to my personal interfacing with “Acton Academy” –  the education model, the business organization, the international community.

Today, I was given the opportunity for a renewed vision. Thanks to a surprise email sent from an incoming Eagle, I tasted the fresh joy our little school cooks up in people.  I share it with you so that you, too, can remember why you chose Acton Academy for your children and see it again with fresh eyes.

I asked permission to quote the following note anonymously:

“I’m very sorry to bother you. I just felt very compelled to email you. I just love watching everyone in the video, Acton Academy – A Day in the Life. I’m very excited to know that these will be my Classmates. I’ve never gone to a school like this and thank you for the opportunity to join these amazing people. I kinda almost feel like this experience is that I’m looking into something like heaven and once I do the work I’ll finally be able to join everyone.”

Summertime is a great time to live with fresh eyes. I wish that for you.