Stick the Landing

Endings matter.

I think of the speech that gripped me up until the dreaded Q&A.

Or the deal I almost sealed but for the fumbled close.

Or how I hold my breath until the gymnast sticks the landing.

To learn something deeply, endings matter even more. Studies confirm that reflection after learning is essential to long-term transformation and growth.

We know this instinctively. Hence, at Acton Academy we inject daily Socratic discussions and weekly reflection questions into the Eagles’ learning journeys so that we stick the landing of the learning arc in a day, week and session.

So why do I sit here on the Friday morning of fall break wishing I had closed the session better as a mom? As a family we rushed to the end, ready for the break, without considering how the most important closing of a session is for us together at home.

Session One has come and gone.

Or has it?

Can I stretch out the closing of the session beyond the Acton Exhibitions and studio reflection times? Can I make my own learning deeper by reflecting with my child about his?

What was the most challenging part of the past six weeks? What did I leave undone? What would I do differently if I could? What will I do better next session? What am I curious about or interested in that is new to me? What am I most proud of?

Acton Academy is the catalyst for the hard work of learning. But it is not the place my child lands every day and at the end of a long, hard session.

I have three more days. I’m going to stick this landing and make it one for the record books.