Surprising Truth #5: We do not balance “screen time” and “off screen time.”

In fact, we are way off balance.

The amount of time our students spend in front of the computer screen is approximately 15%-20%  of their weekly time at school. This time includes word processing, using Rosetta Stone, researching and watching videos of heroes’ stories during project time.  The other 80%-85% of their time is spent reading books, writing and editing, working individually and in groups to solve problems in project time, engaging with the class in Socratic discussions, playing games on the field, stretching and working out during P.E., creating art, listening to stories or presentations by special guests, writing and editing work, socializing, and meeting with teachers to discuss goals.

The vision of students glued to the screen hour after hour is what many people have when they hear “online learning.”  The reality at Acton Academy shatters this image and sets us apart from schools that use technology as a band aid on a traditional school paradigm that simply doesn’t work.

We live in an unprecedented time in history.  Technology propels us into new ways to do school and think about our world. At our little school, we grasp this opportunity and use the gift of technology to help us deliver individualized core skill curriculum; experience the extraordinary beauty and wonder of the world through sites like Google Earth; Skype with new friends around the globe; and grapple with stunning ideas shared via TED talks and other online resources. Our students apply this new knowledge and ideas in solving the meaningful life problems presented in our project work.

The video of the 2010-2011 yearbook will help solidify the image of our unique style of “blended schooling” which is rich in relationships, movement, and real world application of learning. Enjoy!