The Parenting Struggle is Real

Every week we receive anonymous feedback on our surveys from our parents and Eagles. Oddly, this process is one of the more distinguishing aspects of our little school.  It represents our values of transparency and accountability. And while the feedback we get is crucial to our growth and improvement as a school, it often touches me deeply as a parent.

Today was one of those days.  I am grateful for whoever the parent is who shared the following story of courage, patience, and love:

“I find myself struggling this session to not step in and remind my daughter (for a fifth time in 72 hours) of how one should approach goals strategically, and that those character badges aren’t going to earn themselves, and that maybe one should stop being so points-obsessed while managing to waste another Writing Workshop milestone opportunity because you missed another deadline that required you to print out some papers and LAMINATE them. (Do I sound nuts? I agree.) My instinct is to get on her case and LOOK INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR AT PICKUP. The struggle to not enmesh is real. My hero’s work this week will entail shutting my mouth, BUT IT’S HARD.”

It is hard and I am grateful I have you Acton parents around me to be my encouragers.