The Right Questions to Ask – Learning How Your Eagle is Doing

Being a new parent in the Acton community is exciting and filled with questions. Your Acton Eagle is speaking a language you don’t understand. POI? Eagle Bucks? Journey Tracker? Strikes? Synchronous and Asynchronous Badges?

What’s a parent to do? How do you converse about the Acton learning experience with your child without feeling insecure? 

Here is a solution to your dilemma: Learn to ask the right questions at the right time using terms your Eagles uses daily in the studio. You’ll sound like a pro and glean valuable insights making your journey rewarding and fun.

Below is your cheat sheet. Notice the questions to ask are separated by the timing to ask them: weekly, bi-monthly or at the end of a session. You’ll see a preliminary question in case need it. Then, you’ll find a suggested question that gives you an important data point. Let your child lead the way to go deeper into their world. What is their narrative? Are they optimistic or pessimistic? Playing the role of a victim (blaming a system or person) or a hero (ready to face challenges and take responsibility)? Ponder how your own narrative impacts your child’s. 

And remember this is just the start. Take it deeper. And be patient. Over time these data points add up to human potential being realized. Keep your vision high and focused on the longterm so as not to get stuck in the weeds. Good luck!

Eagle StudioWeeklyBi-MonthlyEnd of Session
Early ElementaryPreliminary: What is a strike?

Then: Did you get a strike?

Did you finish a goal? What work are you excited to do next session?
ElementaryPreliminary: What is an Eagle Buck?

Then: How many Eagle Bucks do you have?

How many points did you earn over the past two weeks?What will you focus on at the beginning of the new session?
Middle SchoolPreliminary: What is the POI?

Then: How is your POI going?

What’s your priority in your work right now?Is your badge plan too challenging or not challenging enough?
LaunchpadPreliminary: What is your deliberate practice?

Then: Are you keeping up with your deliberate practice?

Is your badge plan too challenging or not challenging enough?Are you passionate about your next great adventure?