Tip #10 for Acton Academy Parents

Tip #10: Make decisions out loud.

Whether we like it or not, our lives are the sum of every choice we make every day.

This idea is embedded into the learning philosophy at Acton Academy: Clear thinking leads to good decisions. Good decisions lead to good habits. Good habits lead to strong character. Strong character leads to destiny.

Our Eagles learn quickly that every choice they make has a consequence. Witnessing parents making decisions and accepting consequences makes the learning more natural.

For parents, it can be painful to watch our children suffer real consequences based on their choices. But if we are brave enough to let them experience their own consequences now, their future decision-making skills will be healthier, stronger and wiser.

Our promise to parents at Acton is this: We will provide the processes, tools and systems to guide the Eagles in their decision-making regarding their core skills goals, work habits, growth as leaders, and relationship development. We will start this on Day 1.

We trust they will all make mistakes; and we trust they will learn from them to grow into their full potential. We ask you to trust them, too.