Tip #8 for Acton Academy Parents

Tip #8. Practice first aid skills with your child now.

Have you ever seen a trained 14 year-old babysitter at work? She can wash a wound, wrap and ice a hurt ankle, assess a fever, keep a hurt child calm, call the parents if needed and tell a good story without breaking a sweat. Children are natural caretakers.

Here is a fact: Your child will get hurt at school. This is real life we are talking about.

At Acton, we believe children should learn basic first aid early in life. These skills create a community of people who make smart choices, play hard and help each other with confidence when needed.

Our Eagles learn within the first days at Acton what to do if a friend falls down and hits her head; or if he scrapes his knees. They learn how to wash simple cuts and put on a Band-aid. They learn, too, what to do when the problem is bigger and a guide needs to take over.

[Similar to tip #7, please note: Safety is first at Acton. There are life and death situations such as a severe NUT ALLERGY in our elementary school. All Eagles are aware and respect this fundamental rule: No tree nuts are allowed in the elementary studio – ever. We have clear safety rules for the Eagles and ensure training for emergencies.]

Our guides are certified in CPR and First Aid. Our fifth graders go through CPR training and learn the basics of first aid. All high school Eagles will receive CPR and first aid training within the first weeks of school. Each person at Acton is an empowered human with eyes and ears wide open ready to be called to action.

In addition, just about every middle school and high school Eagle has a cell phone and learns when calling 911 is the most responsible action to take.

These are savvy, brave young people.

I have an odd little wish that every school would give babysitting and first aid certification as a class in late elementary school. Those tests mean something in life.

Need a fun summer project? How about simulating an injury and letting your child get the first aid kit and fix you up? How about taking an online first aid course together and then go shopping for what you need at home? You’ll come up with better ideas. Have fun!