Why We Do This

As 7 year old Reese was falling asleep last night, she whispered in her mom’s ear, “I just can’t stop thinking about archaeology.”

Her words tell best why we invite heroes to share their stories with our children on such a regular basis.

Heroes and callings: these are the linchpins of Acton Academy’s curriculum. As we move through topics, subjects and ideas, we expose the students to as many heroes and callings as possible. They should meet hundreds over their time at Acton.

Thank you to Marcy Carpenter – a extraordinary mom, pilot, athlete and archaeologist. Marcy is sharing her story of being an archaeologist in history this week. She is an example of the generous souls who spend time in our classroom  in order to open up the world of ideas, passions and possibilities to our children.

And here’s to Reese … a curious, independent learner who will change the world.