Word #100 of 100 – Invitation

Word #100. Invitation.

I’ve been watching my children on their hero’s journey at Acton and realized I’m not living my own!  – a mom who then began an urban garden that served refugee families

Your invitation to your next hero’s journey lies waiting.

Will you say yes?

You may wonder where to begin. A powerful first step is to return to sharing hero stories with your children. Read or watch 100 of them. Or even just 10. But do so with the curious heart of a child. Dive into the depths of what it means to be an ordinary person who says yes to a challenge and doesn’t give up until a problem is solved or a treasure is found. What you learn together will be your fuel, guide and compass for your own life story.

Thank you for sticking with me for my 100 Words. I hope you found in them the bit of courage you may need to say yes to living your best, most adventuresome life. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for us all!