Word #13 of 100 – Shift

Word #13. Shift.

Is there something I can loosen my hold on? Shift from an old stance, a tired judgment to something new?

When I’m entrenched in my circumstances, my past or my ego, I forget I have power to move. To choose. To change.

Like the time I decided I didn’t have to hate taking out the trash. I could walk slowly and look up at the stars as I did it. I could breathe deeply and be alone for a minute during that walk through the gravel to the trash can in the driveway.

I can learn from the earth.  It shifts beneath my feet. What is solid, therefore, also moves.

So despite my stubborn heart, I can shift, too.

And most likely, my children need to witness this. They will then know the power of a mental shift on their own journeys.