Word #20 of 100 – Breeze

Word #20. Breeze.

I’ve claimed the breeze as a tool and gift in my life.

Here are three simple ways it works to make my life better.

  1. The breeze is my entry point to the unseen world around me. When I remember to lift my face, close my eyes and feel the breeze, I remember my spirit. It is the beginning of a prayer.
  2. The breeze is the perfect opener for conversations with children. It begs the questions: Where does it come from? Where does it go? Do you believe in what you don’t see? Can you taste it? Smell it? Hear it?
  3. The breeze can end bickering in the backseat of a car. My little trick when my young children were yelling at each other in the car was simply to roll all the windows fully down and just drive without saying a word. This works best when you are on a road with a speed limit of 50 m.p.h. or more. Something about the jolt of a hefty breeze shifted them, too.

I hope you, too, claim the breeze.

(I thank my sister, Kirstin, for reminding me of the importance of this word.)