Word #28 of 100 – Shoulders

Word #28. Shoulders.

Our shoulders tell a story.

I remember seeing a woman dropping off her children at the same morning camp I was dropping mine. Her shoulders were hunched and her hair hung over her eyes. All three of her children were crying and clinging as she tried to walk away. She had the tell-tale signs every mother in the history of humankind has felt – burning sleep deprivation.

She finally got free and turned slowly to walk away. I lost sight of her as the cheerful, bouncy moms took over her space.

I regret I didn’t follow her and offer friendship, time, help. Anything.

I never saw her again.

Today you may feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Breathe deeply.

Lift your shoulders to your ears, roll them back and lower them. Feel your scapula move down your back.

Breathe again.

Sometimes we need to ask for help, let something go or take a nap.

Mostly, we need to look out for each other and when we see shoulders telling a story of pain, offer a hand.