Word #54 of 100 – Incurious

Word #54. Incurious.

Sometimes the urgency of something becomes real only when we consider its alternative.

The alternative to being curious?

It is to be incurious –  indifferent, inattentive, uninterested.  “Not interested in knowing what is happening or not wanting to discover anything new,”  says the Cambridge Dictionary.

This sounds like a slow death to me; therefore, I once again commit to keeping curiosity alive.

I will ask more and better questions. I will keep space in my day for meandering and wondering. I will try something new more often.

As for your children, do you sense their light of curiosity dimming? Not to worry. You can stoke it back to life. Simply follow their interest and run with it.  You’ll have a great time and learn some surprising things. I spent two years living in dinosaur world followed by a year steeped in trucks. Sitting at construction sites and watching the work unfold each morning was our routine. I came into motherhood not knowing what a backhoe loader was. Now I know.

If you feel blocked on how to grow your child’s curiosity at home, email me and we can brainstorm: lsandefer@actonmail.org.