Word #60 of 100 – Ennobled

Word #60. Ennobled.

One of my favorite conversations on our Acton Academy campus went like this:

“Why are the children here so joyous?” Heather asked as she walked up to the elementary studio. “Because freedom is ennobling,” answered Matt, Socratic Guide and Acton founder.

This exchange reveals one of the great surprises of my Acton journey. I never expected children to have so much fun being in charge of each other, working hard and recovering from difficulties. They are noble beings and they rise up as such.

They rise to excellence because excellence is expected.

They rise to responsibility because they are believed in and trusted.

And they rise to joy because they know what freedom feels like and they treasure it.

An ennobled human stands a bit taller and walks more confidently into the day. This is true of both children and adults.

I hope you remember your own unique genius today. I hope you wear it like a crown and dare yourself to stretch and grow.

As my father said to me yesterday when we said good-bye on the phone:

“Carry on nobly.”