Word #63 of 100 – Feedback

Word #63. Feedback.

We’re entering into the truth about high level learning and mastery: you can’t go it alone.

Whether it’s learning to cook, code or compose, feedback is key to progress.

Computer programs give feedback – instantaneously, accurately, impersonally. But much more powerful is relationally-centered, in- person feedback. True human feedback is a high level skill, learned with practice over time. It requires courage, empathy and vulnerability.

At Acton, one of the feedback tools our learners use is the Feedback Sandwich:  simply give feedback like a sandwich with cool lettuce between two warm pieces of bread. Warm-cool-warm.

An example from an Eagle to another Eagle about their short story:

  • Warm: “I really like the beginning. It drew me in!”
  • Cool: “I’m curious why you didn’t include a setting for your story. It could make it better to know where it’s happening.”
  • Warm: “This sentence here is my favorite sentence  – colorful adjectives!”

My favorite people to seek feedback from are seasoned Acton learners. They get right to the meat of it and I’m better for it.