Word #65 of 100 – Momentum

Word #65.  Momentum.

It’s what we want to feel when we are learning something new.

Movement forward.


The key to the learning design at Acton Academy is creating momentum. It is energy that begets itself. We do this through consistent routines, narrative arcs, rituals, tools like S.M.A.R.T. goals, freedom of choice in work, feedback and celebrating wins.

There are ways you, too, can spark momentum in your personal life:

  • Open the book and read the first page.
  • Strap on your running shoes and go out the door.
  • Just do the dishes.
  • Get something down on paper – one sentence, one paragraph. Don’t worry about the whole letter or book. Just write for five minutes.
  • Make that decision.
  • Ask the hard question.

My mother once said to me, “Write ‘make a To Do List’ as the first thing on your To Do List.”  She understood momentum. By checking one thing off my list, the progression forward had begun.

Take action. One small step. Then go with that energy. With that, we are making progress.