Word #74. Homestretch

Word #74. Homestretch.

My favorite part of the Hero’s Journey narrative is the returning home. Through the joys and struggles of the adventure, the treasure has been found and the hero returns home, ready to share the gift with others and regroup for the next challenge. The beauty of the return is not the treasure itself but how the hero has grown and changed. There will be another calling. The hero will be ready.

We, too, are about to hit the homestretch of this word journey. We’ve traversed through three themes: soul, body and mindset/learning.

We’ll pause here and reflect. Coming home is about sticking the landing of a journey. Take the time to reflect, integrate, journal and share your learning before it fades away.

I hope that seeing the words from this third theme as a whole brings you a bit of courage or inspiration:

  • Becoming
  • Mindset
  • Incurious
  • Challenge
  • Pursuit
  • Recreation
  • Effort
  • Concentration
  • Ennobled
  • Decisions
  • Failure
  • Feedback
  • Stay
  • Momentum
  • Plateau
  • Humility
  • Do
  • Tigers
  • Equip
  • Individuality
  • Intention
  • Always
  • Homestretch.

Thank you for enduring with me thus far. The last leg of this journey is ahead. I’ll be back tomorrow here to share it. We’ll land this well.