Word #82 of 100 – Collaboration

Word #82. Collaboration.

Together is better when it comes to learning, solving and creating.


working with others is challenging – to put it mildly.

People don’t work like you do. You could do it more easily on your own.

And that brings up the truth about authentic collaboration. It’s not about bringing your strengths to the table. It’s also about bringing your weaknesses, fears and struggles.

When this happens, synergy erupts. Growth begins and learning extends beyond traditional metrics.

For this reason, Acton will never offer a purely online learning program  – even though we are asked for it every day.

Half of our day is dedicated to individualized learning. The other half is dedicated to collaborative learning through hands-on, real world challenges delivered as quests for teams of mixed-aged learners to work through together.

There is simply no other method of learning that is more effective than a diverse group of humans working together to solve a problem. From it comes empathy, listening skills, conflict resolution habits, project management abilities, and humility, for starters.

Collaboration. It’s a beautiful thing.