Word #85 of 100 – Dragons

Word #85. Dragons.

“The cave you fear to enter is where your treasure lies.” – Joseph Campbell

Our children are going to face dragons on their journeys. Often these hoarders of treasure show up as fears that distract, diminish or demean the hero within.

How can we equip our young heroes to face their fears and slay their dragons?

The answer is something we all have access to: stories. In particular, Hero’s Journey stories. All great stories follow the same formula that includes an ordinary person rising to a challenge, facing a supreme battle and coming home with treasure. Think of Simba, Dorothy, Odysseus and Luke Skywalker.

When the road is dark, stories are the light to the path.

So share stories. Watch stories. Read stories. Together. Every day. Next to regular family dinners, sharing stories may be the most bonding thing a family can do.