Word #87 of 100 – Sacred

Word #87. Sacred.

I’ve never heard the word “sacred” used to describe a classroom. Yet it’s used daily by young people at Acton to describe their learning spaces. “Keep the studio sacred” is written into their contracts.

Why? What does this word mean to them?

Today the young heroes at The Humanist Academy – an Acton in Irving, Texas – came up with these words to describe sacred space:

  • It is harmonious.
  • People gather for similar purposes.
  • It binds us together.
  • It is a place I can be myself.
  • It brings calmness and focus.
  • It is quiet.
  • It is where I can zone all else out.

We all crave reverence in our lives. Building a space for it isn’t complicated. It just takes intention. A family can create a sacred space by claiming the kitchen table as a “no phone” zone and lighting a candle at dinner. This simple act transforms time from simply passing by into marked moments that matter.

(Thank you, Purvi Bhatt, for sharing your discussion notes with me.)