Word #90 of 100 – Goodbyes

Word #90. Goodbyes.

Goldie was a good fish. He always told the truth. – Taite at her goldfish’s funeral

Goodbyes are part of a rich hero’s journey. Friends leave. Pets die. Treasures are lost. Injuries steal.

Learning to say goodbye honors the sadness and gives room for optimism because the best goodbyes are reflections of gratitude.

Here are some ideas for helping children learn to say goodbye:

  • Paint rocks with one word to remember a trip and leave them in a special place when you are leaving. (We throw ours in a river to say goodbye.)
  • Hold a ceremony when a pet dies. Each person can share a word or a memory of the pet.
  • Write favorite memories on small pieces of paper to a friend who is moving away. Put them in a mason jar with a bow around it.
  • When leaving a beloved home, walk into each room together, share a memory and say goodbye and thank you to each room.

By saying goodbye well, we can begin to believe what C.S. Lewis said: “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” This is hope – the ultimate fuel for the journey.