Word #94 of 100 – Microcosm

Word #94. Microcosm.

In “Unschooling Rules,” Clark Aldrich writes:

Microcosms are self-contained models of larger and more complex systems. Lessons learned, including what are good things to do and good results to get, can be transferred to the bigger productive world. Examples of microcosms that can be used in education include, among others:

  • Fish tanks
  • Lemonade stands and bake sales
  • Gardens
  • One-person businesses
  • Team sports

Our Acton studios are microcosms of society. This is one reason the mixed-age design is fundamental to the learning. When we consider how our young people are learning to make peace with each other, solve their community problems and innovate rapidly to make their learning more powerful, we can imagine how they will change the world for better.

We must also consider that a family is a microcosm. If there is not peace in a family, how can we expect world peace?