A Second Edition of Courage to Grow – now available and free for a limited time

For many of us, our children’s school situation may look very different than we anticipated at the start of the year. But for our children’s sake, this is not a time to be fearful, it’s a time to seek joy!

In a time of uncertainty, we have a special opportunity to ignite curiosity in our homes and unleash our children’s natural desires to create, invent and build. But how? This whole “school from home” scenario can be incredibly stressful for parents who are also having to work from home.

To help during this difficult time in human history, I wanted to provide a resource for parents who feel “stuck.”  My hope is we can begin to savor this time at home with our children and discover the spirit of genius they each have within. My book about the Acton origin story is filled with ideas and tools for all parents to use at home to help children take charge of their own learning and grow curiosity.

Starting today, Courage to Grow will be available on Kindle for free and will be 99 cents on Audible. https://amzn.to/33KRafT 

I believe we will come through this experience stronger as families and communities. Our own innovation and curiosity will help us see the light. If you are an Acton parent, please share this resource with others. And if you have read the book before, this is the second edition! The new epilogue tells the story of what happens after graduation from an Acton Academy. Enjoy!