Quarantine Advice for Parents from the Eagles

I just got off of my morning Zoom chat with the Eagles. I asked them to please give feedback to parents so we can learn how to make life at home better during this quarantine season.

They quickly gave five solid pieces of advice.

  1. Give us a schedule but make it a loose schedule. Strict schedules aren’t helpful right now.
  2. Try to do a fun activity with the family each day. (“We don’t want to be entertained all day by parents but really want one fun activity as a group.)
  3. Hold up a mirror to us instead of telling us what to do. I asked for an example and he said: “Yesterday I was watching t.v. before doing my work which wasn’t a great choice for me. My parents could have walked up and told me to turn it off. Instead, they held up a mirror and said they saw that I had chosen to watch t.v. instead of doing my work first. This made me re-think my choice and I turned off the t.v.”
  4. Relax more. What she really said was, “Just chill!” but then expanded to explain that if parents could relax more instead of being so stressed, this would all be much better.

Thank you, Eagles. Please continue to give us feedback. We need your fresh eyes right now.