And the Fifth Piece of Advice from the Eagles

You learned the first four pieces of advice in my last post. I wanted to save the best for last.

Here is number 5:

“Try to have more fun with your life.”

The Eagles explained how this advice is different from number 2 which was:  “Try to do a fun activity with the family each day.” Doing a fun activity with family once a day does not equate to having fun with your own life. The generosity of children is revealed in this simple advice. They hope for us to feel curious, spontaneous, light-hearted again for our own good. Not for theirs. They see our stress and worry and wish we could feel more enjoyment within our lives.

Note the Eagle’s word choice in this advice.  It is different from what an adult would say.

We’d say, “Have more fun.”

They said, “Try to.”

This distinction is significant. It includes understanding this is not easy. It may take a while a while to master having more fun with our lives. Their advice is gentle and loving. There is a growth mindset behind it that says, “You may not be having fun now but you can learn to.” Their words are full of hope – they have the “not yet” spirit of a learner.

It may take a while for us to learn to have fun with our lives – especially when the stresses weigh heavily on our hearts right now.

But we can do as the children advise. We can try.