Already Jaded?

This morning’s news stories reported many elementary schools have banned discussions about today’s election because the anger is running so high. These fearful school leaders have chosen to ignore it all together.

Our Acton Academy Eagles and their guides take quite an opposite approach. Rather than ignoring our societal context, our young people are digging into it.

Our elementary studio Eagles watched a West Wing clip showing a child arguing for children’s right of suffrage. They also talked about honesty in politics during their Civilization meetings last week. Our Lead Socratic Guide, Ms. Samantha, posed the question:

Do all politicians lie?

One hundred percent of our elementary studio Eagles answered, “Yes.”

This led to a deeper discussion of trust and ultimately the question became: “How do you trust anyone?” (I toss this one to you as a dinner conversation starter to keep the processing of today’s election coverage moving forward at home.)

The children around me here on campus know how to conduct themselves with kindness and respect in heated discussions. They have practiced the rules of engagement in many, many Socratic discussions and as a result,  have learned to think clearly, speak concisely and cordially toward each other even when they disagree.

Most importantly, they are not afraid.  And they are not jaded.

Today of all days, the Acton studio spaces feel sacred. We can talk about anything and still be safe. Today we celebrate our freedoms. And today, as usual, the children teach me so much.