Falling Back

Time. It is our ultimate treasure. And the first thing we squander. When my mother died, I had a lingering thought, “If only I had one more hour with her.” Just one more hour. There is so much more I want to tell her.

Just one more hour.

This weekend we gain one hour.  Using it for more sleep is a beautiful thing. So is waking up on Sunday, remembering you are an hour ahead of yourself.

How will you spend your hour as we fall back this weekend?

One idea: use it to write a note of encouragement to your children. Call out their inner genius in writing and celebrate the simple fact that they are alive and you get to be their parent.

Pondering “time” can be the difference between living a full life and living merely a busy life.

And this may be the most distinctive element of an Acton Academy education. Little by little, our Eagles are learning to use time well. You don’t learn something for yourself when someone is telling you what to do, when, and for how long.  Our children get to make these choices in their studios each day. For better and worse; and ultimately for better if they stay with the journey.

I wish you a happy falling back.