New Campus….CHECK!

It became real today.  Seeing the Eagles and their families breathing life into our new buildings proved to me what a place of learning should be.  It should make life flow out of people rather than push it back in; and it should tickle minds wide open rather than bind them narrowly.  The joy today was as real as the bricks and mortar. Thank you to the Hatch + Ulland Owen Architects and to American Contructors, Inc. for listening to our vision of learning space and making it come true.

Yes, the buildings matter and we love them; however, they are not the center of our thoughts. What we hope to be doing is creating a sense of place and ownership that will define the “we” of our identity so that the “I” of our identity is possible.  For it is within a safe and authentic community that the individual can grow and thrive, ultimately taking flight. The buildings won’t last. The souls of the people who have spent time there will.

We dedicate our new campus to the heroes who will arrive each weekday morning with curiosity, respect, imagination and courage. There will be good days and bad days. We’ll take them all to have the honor of being a part of these young people’s journeys.

To enjoy witnessing this daily journey please follow us on Instagram!  Photos from today are already loaded. We are actonacademyatx. You’ll find daily photos of the Eagles in action. These photos will tell a better story than my words ever could. Enjoy!