Rumor Busting: What I overheard this summer…

Rumor: “Acton Academy does not believe its students should go to college.”

To quote someone near and dear to my heart, to this we say, “Poppycock!”

Acton Academy is not a college prep school; this is true. To the contrary, we are a “life prep school,” if I may coin a phrase.

We have no doubt many of our Eagles will choose college as one of the essential stations along the way in their hero’s journeys. And we have no doubt that others will find alternative routes to follow their callings – whether it’s starting a business right out of high school or going to flight school to become a pilot. The difference at Acton is that we embrace and celebrate all of these choices because we know our students will be decision-makers who weigh costs with benefits, and can readily focus on the big picture of their whole lives.

I met a 17 year old this summer who is in the top of her class. I asked what her plans were after graduation. She said she has always dreamed of making people feel more beautiful. She plans to go to beauty school and someday open her own salon. She hopes to train others who will open other salons with her higher purpose in mind. When I said she reminded me of an Eagle, she cocked her head a bit. I wished her well and told her that I have no doubt she will change the world because wouldn’t the world be better if we all felt a little beautiful?

We fully trust in our Acton Academy Eagles to choose paths worthy of their precious footsteps and I look forward to the day I welcome top college recruiters along with angel investors to our campus. It will be here in a blink of an eye.