Safety, Submission, Love – Overarching Questions

Did you read Jeff’s recent blog post?

Surprisingly, “Learning to Obey” is exactly what we’ve been digging into this year but in our own Acton way.

Do we dare set children free to question authority?

When does a hero submit to authority? This, our Overarching Question, catapulted us down a rugged path with intriguing signposts: What is authentic authority? Who will I look to for the truth? What is the truth? Whom do I trust? Who authors my story? Who is in charge of me? Whom or what will I obey? Why? What does it mean to submit?

The Acton Academy journey has an element of danger in it. We will move out of the harbor and into the rolling seas.  It is safer to be moored tightly, following authority blindly.

But is it really?

Next year’s Overarching Question will open up new pathways in our thinking and living. It will move each of us further along on our Hero’s Journeys. We will unveil the question soon but here is my teaser: Love.