Tip #2 for Acton Academy Parents

#2. Get to know our definition of “hero.”

The Acton Eagles have defined “hero” as:

  • A hero is someone who does not quit when things get hard.
  • A hero is someone who does not blame others when there is a problem.
  • A hero accepts responsibility and works to make things better.
  • A hero learns to listen to feedback even when it hurts because it can lead to growth.
  • A hero sees worth in others and helps fellow travellers on their own journeys.
  • A hero is someone who gets up after falling down to begin the journey anew.

Pondering these words moves me to be more resilient in my daily life. It also helps me find words for a child when the going gets really tough – which it will. Together we can remember and re-commit to who we want to be.