Word #57 of 100 – Recreation

Word #57. Recreation.

Part of healthy learning is an intentional injection of time for recreation. Activities done purely for enjoyment become fuel and refreshment for the continued journey of learning.

This may seem obvious but there are a couple of important angles of this word to ponder.

First, recreation is personal. What you find enjoying, I may not.  This is why mandating family fun tends to make children grumpy. But giving them a couple of choices or some power in the planning has the reverse effect.

Second, recreation takes self-reflection. I’ve met adults who can’t list three things they do for recreation in their lives. Parents can get in the rut of doing what everybody else thinks is enjoyable to the detriment of their own happiness and mental fortitude.

Claim your own recreation! Your children will benefit greatly because you will be a more refreshed, contented soul. Recreation really is a re-creating of your mind, body and soul. Enjoy!