Word #71 of 100 – Individuality

Word #71. Individuality.

When you believe each person has unique genius, a natural progression follows. You celebrate individuality and protect it. Differences don’t scare you any more.

Can you imagine the joy and freedom of existing within a community grounded in such celebration? Where your differences make you a precious member of the group? Where there is no such thing as “not fitting in?” Where people hold you accountable because you are worth it? Where you don’t have to move in lockstep with others as you do the hard work of learning?

To be known and understood with your individuality in full view – this is what being loved feels like. And this is the point where transformative learning takes hold because the fear of failing begins to fall away. You know you are accepted because of who you are – not because of your performance or achievement.

The youngest humans are the best at leading us in this direction. We see it every day in the Acton studios. Let’s remind each other not to get in their way.